Denis Proulx

A challenge on the horizon : you have a project, are looking for the right strategy, want to initiate lasting changes, take on challenges with confidence..


Our company was born of a need to help, to support business leaders in the fields of transportation and construction when they encounter challenges in the management of their mandates. We offer an objective consulting service to assist managers and staff of our clients’ companies in the management of their operations. Denis Proulx Consulting offers a high-quality service based on solid experience in management, business development and technical publications. The consultancy’s members make your success their mission, using their shared knowledge and experience to target your vision and establish a game plan. The team at Denis Proulx Consulting relies on its ability to listen, to focus on the goal and help you make thoughtful and intuitive decisions.

Denis Proulx

Denis Proulx offers you his skill and experience in organizing and implementing strategic planning. His know-how has served companies such as Via Rail, Orion Bus, NATSCO, Nova Bus / Volvo, Mikado construction, USNR, Alstom Renewable Power, Bombardier transport, BRP, S&C Rail Solutions (project in France). An expert with high communication skills, he uses his talents as a manager, coach and change agent to lead companies to exceed their profitability targets. Administrative and office support completes the core team. Denis Proulx Consulting works with specialized partners to define your needs and help set up the right business plan for you and your clients.

Project management

Denis Proulx consultation - stratégies, défis, confiance, compétences

In the railway and bus sector :


To develop maintenance programs for different types of locomotives, validate improvement programs or modifications to freight equipment (locomotives).


To validate and develop maintenance and repair programs for locomotives and passenger cars. To ensure accuracy in technical specifications and develop potential suppliers for each of the systems.

In the construction industry, we prepare tenders and bidding packages, offer project management and site management as well as budget monitoring. Denis Proulx Consulting is a leader in establishing spare parts listings, as well as in supporting customers with managing equipment modifications. We also having abilities in supporting advance project and prepare market plan for new trains and buses. Our clients and collaborators are also business partners, which allows us to build stability into the business models we offer in transportation and construction.